March 23, 2018 Academics

Sioux City high school students use activities to build communication, leadership skills

Sioux City high school students get the chance to practice their skills during fun activities Friday.

The 12th annual MVP, or Mentors in Violence Prevention, Summit was held at Western Iowa Tech.

Student mentors worked with underclassmen in games that worked to build teamwork.

One of the directors of the event says it’s important that the summit involves games and not just lectures.

“One of the goals for MVP is creating open dialogue and challenging each other’s thinking. That can only happen in a two-way conversation. We want our students to walk away with some really specific concrete steps and actions that they can use in their peer circles.” said Alan Heisterkamp, University of Northern Iowa Center of Violence Prevention Director.

The mentors and younger students understand the importance of the activities.

“I was looking forward to gaining new skills on how to be a better leader, how to better my leadership skills. Something that I could take back to my school and implement.” said Todd Baker, North High School student.

“We’re learning how to help others by learning what they might be going through and how we should deal with it. It can maybe help prevent events like Parkland.” said Tiffany Su, East High School student.

Topics addressed throughout the day included sexting, the use of social media and healthy relationships.

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by Jaret Lansford