March 8, 2018 Arts & Culture

Students perform with Sioux City Symphony

Thursday thousands of Siouxland students were sitting at the Orpheum Theatre enjoying a special performance by the Sioux City Symphony.

And participating as well.

Students were able to play along with the performance on recorders and sing along to other songs.

Preparations for the event have been going on for a while.

“They’ve learned the pieces throughout this year so they are ready to go. They know the music well.” said Karin Swanson, Perry Creek Elementary School music teacher.

The event is part of a partnership between the Sioux City Community School District and the Carnegie Hall music program.

Students were eager to hear the orchestra…

“I really don’t come a lot and I like how the orchestra all plays together and how it sounds.” said Abraham Gonzalez, Liberty Elementary School student.

…and play along to the songs they had learned.
“Seeing their face as we walked into the Orpheum today – it was a great experience. It was really inspiring for me to see them so excited and it makes me really excited to teach as well.” said Ariel Huseman, Irving Elementary School Music Teacher.

The importance of the fine arts education outside of the classroom is not lost on the orchestra’s conductor.

“It’s part of our mission that we serve those young people so that they can grow up not only successful in their careers but also be exposed to everything that music brings to a young person’s life.” said Ryan Haskins, Sioux City Symphony Orchestra Music Director.

Students from 35 schools in Siouxland attended Thursday’s performances.

Another event, just like this one, was held earlier in the school year.

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by Jaret Lansford