March 10, 2018 #SuccessorySaturday

#SuccessorySaturday – East High

East High students recognize educators who help them succeed.

Nathan Cale, Teacher:

“Thank you for all the extra efforts you make to help me grow as a student.”

Marissa Kuiken, Teacher:

“Thank you for adding some spark to my day and opening my eyes to the different aspects of theatre. I loved your class and I can’t wait to take debate next year!”

Wendy Bryce, Teacher:

“Thank you for making me laugh every time I’m around you. You have such a positive influence on my high school experience. I am so grateful to have met you!”

Carin Burkhart, Registrar:

“Thank you for treating me so kindly over the years and helping me with anything I need. I know I can always count on you.”

Stephanie Fehl, Teacher:

“Thank you for being a great teacher. I have learned so much from you. Your class challenges me, but it is also a place where I can be comfortable.”

CMSgt. Thomas Fennel, Coach:

“Thank you for being such a great coach and influence in my life. You have taught me so much about being selfless and putting others first.”

Thomas Hales, Teacher:

“Thank you for not only making me a better singer, but for also encouraging me to be a better person.”

Kristin Helseth, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me improve my writing skills and making me rediscover my passion for writing. You’re an amazing teacher and person!”

Stacia Kelly, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching so well and encouraging me to do my best. I used to doubt myself when it came to school, but thanks to you I’m now more confident in my abilities.”

Peter Licht, Teacher:

“Thank you for showing me new art techniques and giving me a positive outlet to express my creativity. You are always encouraging students to be themselves.”

Jeffrey Lucas, Counselor:

“Thank you for making sure seniors have everything we need to graduate. We couldn’t do it without you!”

Julie Moreau, Counselor:

“Thank you for being an amazing counselor that cares about all EHS students. Thank you for being such a positive influence for all of us. I look up to you.”

Turissa Moreland, Teacher:

“Thank you for showing me how enjoyable math can be. You’re always so helpful, understanding, and patient with all your students.”

Staci Page, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me become a more efficient note taker and showing me how to get my college search started.”

Michelle Pick, Teacher:

“Thank you for providing a positive and welcoming environment for all your students to grow and excel. You make your students feel comfortable and confident.”

Charlene Price, Teacher:

“Thank you for inspiring me to become an amazing math teacher like you. You are truly one of a kind and I look forward to your class every day!”