March 24, 2018 #SuccessorySaturday

#SuccessorySaturday – Riverside Elementary

Riverside Elementary students recognize educators who help them succeed.

Stacey Verzal, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me how to tell time. Now I know when things can start and I can tell all by myself.”

JoEllen Fravel, Teacher:

“Thank you for showing me how to be kind to others.”

Angela Holcomb, Principal:

“Thank you for being so kind. Without you, school wouldn’t be such a great place for me and my teachers.”

Denise Jensen, Teacher:

“Thank you for making all our days happier and brighter.”

James McKillop, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me get healthier and stronger.”

Carolyn Sponder, Teacher:

“Thank you for helping me become a better student.”