March 3, 2018 #SuccessorySaturday

#SuccessorySaturday – West Middle

West Middle students recognize educators who help them succeed.

Jenifer Aman, Teacher:

“Thank you for making my day when I come to homeroom. You greet me with a smile and you are always happy, and that is why my day is happy!”

Nichole Coughlin, Teacher:

“Thank you for being an awesome teacher and inspiring me to learn every day.”

Kathryn Fairchild, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me how to write better. As you know, I want to be a writer, and you’ve been a big help to me. I actually think I can make it as a writer because of you!”

Brett Hays, Teacher:

“Thank you for making science fun for me. I like learning new things about the world and you are fun to have as a teacher. You are the best teacher anyone could have!”

Heather Siepker, Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching the growth mindset because it teaches you to keep trying, to not give up, and that making mistakes is okay because you can learn from them.”