April 16, 2018 Academics

Perry Creek Elementary’s Read-a-Thon brings students, community together

Reading and literacy is what Perry Creek Elementary School is promoting this April.

Monday, the school hosted a read-a-thon with local community leaders as their guest readers.

Community leaders included Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller, Fire and Rescue Chief Tom Everett, and executive director of the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation, Kari Kellen.

Kellen says, this isn’t just for the students, but it brings the community together as well.

“I think the ability to have members of the community in the school buildings is great for students to be able interact with other adults besides the teachers in their building so they get a chance to learn about some of the jobs that we do in the Siouxland area, and they get a chance to be on their best behavior and show some of the classroom skills that they practice everyday but with some new faces,” Kellen said.

There will continue to be guest speakers throughout the week.

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by Bailey Brooker