#SCCSD April Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all nominees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Barb McDermott, Office Manager @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Barb creates and publishes our newsletter, and sends out regular communication to families about school announcements and events. Barb is additionally responsible for making sure that all substitutes are welcomed and each class has a teacher every day, no matter how suddenly she is notified. Barb also works with families and teachers to monitor student attendance.”

Char Rose, Office Manager @ Loess Hills Elementary

“As the office manager, Char oversees many things. She is quick to communicate and is incredibly helpful. She is always on top of things and keeps things running smoothly at Loess Hills. Char is thorough in her job and has a smile on her face every day. If you ever have any questions you need answered in a timely manner, you can count on Char to be there with the answer.”

Heather Berger, Special Education Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Heather works hard each day to “Make it Happen!” for our students. She works with high needs young learners and her students have made great progress through her hard work, persistence, and kindness! Heather is always willing to take on extra responsibilities to support our students. We are so lucky to have her here at Liberty!”

Heidi Anthony, Consulting Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Heidi is a caring compassionate hard worker, and does a great job in all she does at Irving. You can always count on her to be positive and share her wonderful smile. Heidi’s students and peers appreciate how she is so willing to help anyone she can, always with a positive attitude and disposition.”

Jessica Wisniewski, T-K Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Jessica made significant changes to her literacy instruction and now, all of her students made significant growth and are developing early reading skills to become successful readers. Jessica has additionally participated in our Home Visit program. She visited the homes of her students in the fall and has almost completed her home visits for the spring.”

Juana Virula, ESL Tutor @ Liberty Elementary

“Juana is an invaluable support for our second language learners here at Liberty. She is very flexible and adjusts what she is doing at a moments notice to help support her students. She has been very helpful in the process of refining our ESL conference protocols to better honor families’ time and privacy. Juana is an incredible asset to Liberty Elementary!”

Kris Zeimet, Food Service @ Perry Creek Elementary

“A friendly face in the Perry Creek lunchroom and always willing to lend a hand to students, Kris loves her job and the students she supports. It is evident that Kris wants each student to have an enjoyable lunch and be able to refuel their bodies to be able to learn in the classroom. In addition to her daily duties, Kris goes the extra mile to positively interact with our students.”

Mary Russo, Iowa Reading Corps Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Mary goes the extra mile, working tirelessly to support our students’ literacy growth. She participates in building activities and volunteers her time at the Food Bank when we pack bags. Mary is such a supportice member of our staff and we appreciate the focus and energy she brings to her position. We are proud to have her as a fellow Roadrunner!”

Megan Ganz, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Megan is a fun and caring teacher that strives to provide the best educational experience for each child. She has a positive attitude and works hard each and every day to make a positive impact. Megan engages students in rigorous lessons. She infuses various technology practices and opens her doors for all students. We are extremely fortunate to have her as a part of our team.”

Rachel Wallinga, Music Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Rachel has so much care and compassion for our students that is evident in her daily practice. This year, M. Wallinga stated an after school club called Liberty Singers so students can showcase their non-academic talents. Rachel has also volunteered for countless events, including our musical and talent show. She puts her whole heart into her work at Liberty!”

Rhonda Holmberg, Food Service @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Rhonda knows the name of almost every student who comes through the breakfast and lunch line each day! She is sensitive to individual needs and can tell you something about each student. Rhonda provides accommodations to students who struggle with social skills and takes time to sit with students one on one. She is a great listener and students enjoy her sense of humor.”

Rick Clarahan, Physical Education Teacher @ West Middle

“Rick is a valued member of our West Middle team. He expects nothing but the best from his students. He pushes them to be their best and helps them see what they are fully capable of. Rick’s students say he is very patient and a great listener. He also goes above and beyond his role as a physical education teacher to assist students with academic subjects like reading.”

Robert Maaske, Building Service Technician @ Perry Creek Elementary

“We had a very long winter and Rob did an outstanding job with snow and ice removal, prevention of slips and falls, and maintaining all systems that provide heat to our building. Rob often arrives at school hours ahead of the staff to get things ready for the day. He also supports students in having positive behavior throughout the school day.”

Rochelle Greigg, TAG Enrichment Specialist @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Rochelle provided leadership in implementing Cluster Grouping this school year. She works collaboratively to ensure students are being challenged and receiving enriched learning opportunities throughout the day. Rochelle finds ways to contribute positively to our school and is always eager to find better ways to engage students in learning.”

Sarah Holman, Music Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Sarah wears many hats at Loess Hills. She is a member of the PBIS team, a CICO mentor, and heads PBIS student council. Sarah also organized after school busing to help it run more smoothly! Sarah easily collaborates with coworkers, and supports students emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. Not to mention, her concerts are always well planned and executed.”

Scott Schubert, 4th Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Scott is an incredible teacher and student mentor. He goes the extra mile to communicate with the families of students in his classroom. Scott makes learning fun and interesting, which enhances the curriculum. His love for students and passion for teaching is contagious!”

Wendy Bryce, English Teacher & Speech Coach @ East High

“Rachel goes above and beyond to help the third grade team at Irving. She is always looking for resources for us to utilize each quarter for small groups, math, and whole group reading. Rachel is Wendy is kind, personable, and always willing to lend a helping hand. She is well-respected by her peers and such a positive person to be around. She is a wonderful role model for our students.”

Yvonne Paronto, ESL Tutor @ West Middle

“Yvonne provides suport for numerous students and teachers in the general and ESL classroom. Her students say she is always there for them and consider her to be dependable, loyal, friendly, and compassionate. When asked why Yvonne’s students appreciate her, one responded with ‘She always makes me laugh and encourages me to do great things.'”