May 26, 2018 Arts & Culture

Morningside students showcase math & art skills with geometric quilts

Students at Morningside Elementary found a fun way to express their math and art skills at the GeoQuilt ExSTEMtion Celebration.

These projects helped students focus on the math portion of STEM by creating quilts with the principles of geometric designs, as well as learning history of signature quilts.

“They had to make sure they had straight lines, they had to figure out how they wanted to curve it and how that would have to be straight lined oriented and then the geometric shapes alone well help them eventually with their math. We understood the student better, since we you got insight to their world that we normally don’t get to see,” said 4th Grade Teacher, Karlys Gries.

Over 60 students showcased their quilts to parents and the community.

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By Cynthia Monroy