May 22, 2018 Celebrations

School Board Leaders Honored in May

School Board 2017 Group Photo

May is School Board Recognition Month and an opportunity for local schools and communities to honor more than 2,000 locally elected school board members for their dedication to children and schools. The Sioux City Community School District will join public school districts across the state to recognize the Sioux City Board of Education members this month.

“Providing our community’s children with a sound education is the most important investment we can make,” said Dr. Paul Gausman, superintendent of the Sioux City Community School District. “We’re proud of our elected leaders in this community and want to thank them for their volunteer time and service. School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and recognize their continuing commitment to our school.”

In the Sioux City Community School District, school board members develop policies and make decisions that impact the entire community. These volunteer leaders are responsible for approving curricula, maintaining school facilities and adhering to state and federal education laws.

“Our board members put in countless hours in board training programs to enhance their understanding of laws that govern education, the complexities of school finance, and the needs in our District specifically,” said Dr. Gausman.  “On top of that, they donate countless hours of personal time in service to our students. Their work is much appreciated!”

The men and women serving the Sioux City Community School District are:

  • Mike Krysl, Board President
  • Michael McTaggart, Board Vice President
  • Perla Alarcon-Flory
  • Ron Colling
  • David Gleiser
  • Jeremy Saint
  • Jackie Warnstadt