May 11, 2018 Academics

Students at Sunnyside Elem. learn how to prevent strokes

Fifth-grade students at Sunnyside Elementary learn about strokes.

The education session put on by Mercy Medical Center was to teach the students the signs and symptoms of having a stroke, and what to do if someone is having a stroke.

They also taught the kids what causes strokes, and how they can prevent them.

Mercy Medical Centers Stroke Program Manager says teaching the students young can help prevent strokes later on.

“So if you start with the younger kids about diet and exercise, and eating healthy, and just being healthy in general. We hope to prevent strokes in future generations,” said Nicole Shea, Stroke Program Manager at Mercy.

A stroke survivor Bradly Collins also attended the session, to share his story with the kids about having a stroke.

Bradly suffered a stroke three years ago, and is still recovering but is coming along well.

“It’s kind of slow, but I am recovering. It’s been three years, May 2015, and I am doing pretty good, and I am really happy,” said Bradley Collins, Stroke Survivor.

The students also participated in small group activities to create posters for a June 30 Sioux City Explorers game to raise awareness with the theme “Strike Out Strokes.”

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by Brett Funke