August 14, 2018 Academics

Program gives students rare media experience

New TV Studio

Nearly 4 months ago, KTIV launched a new set. But the old one, did not go to waste.

It is now in the hands of The Sioux City Career Academy.

The program began several years ago in Sioux City, by the Sioux City Community School District. It incorporates different career pathway courses, which help students decide on post-secondary education and careers.

30 pathways are available for students to explore. Each one is a career-focused sequence of high school courses. Students who participate can benefit from high school and college credits.

The space for the pathways is the same size, if not larger, than local High Schools. They can hold between 1,200 to 1,500 students.

A big part of The Sioux City Career Academy depends on hands-on experience. And that is exactly what a real-life news set does for those aspiring toward a career path in broadcast journalism.

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by Jennifer Lenzini