August 13, 2018 Academics

READY 4 THE BELL: Getting back into the routine

After nearly 3 months of summer, getting back into the routine of school can be difficult.

“Start that back-to-school routine now, don’t wait until the day before,” said Alison Benson, Middle School Counselor at West Middle School.

Preparing your kids to get back into “school-mode” can prove to be a difficult task.

An easy place to start- their body clock.

“Start the bedtime, get them ready for bed” adds Benson. “Also get them up in the morning, start them having breakfast. So that when school does start they’re just ready to go, and that routine is normal for them.”

Nutrition is another key for back-to-school success, starting with the first meal of the day.

And the Sioux City Community School District is here to help accommodate.

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by Jennifer Lenzini