September 7, 2018 Academics

Perry Creek students benefit from teachers visiting them at home

Teachers at Perry Creek Elementary School are going above and beyond what takes place in the classroom, by visiting their students at home.

Perry Creek Elementary Principal, Amy Denney says, “I think this is a great opportunity for us to get to know more about the kids and find out what makes them each special and unique on their turf. We get to see them at school and how they interact with students here and with the teacher, but its always different when they’re their most comfortable and that’s when they’re at home.”

It’s part of a new grant funded project to identify the positive impacts that home visits have on a student’s education.

Parent, Sarah Avery says, “Seeing her in her own home environment, it kind of opens her up to them and vice versa and I get to see that relationship too.”

And it seems to be working, teachers report better attendance, fewer discipline problems, and improved student achievement.

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by Rebecca Pryor