September 25, 2018 Announcements

Saint to continue as School Board president, Colling selected as VP

Saint (pres) & Colling (VP)

The Sioux City School Board members unanimously chose Jeremy Saint to continue serving as president of the board, extending his time in the position after he filled a vacancy in July.

“So, I guess the audition worked out then?” Saint said, to a few chuckles after he was elected.

The action was taken as part of the annual reorganization meeting of the school board.

Saint was the only person from the seven board members nominated to be president, so in a process that moved quickly, he was sworn in to the leadership position.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence,” Saint, an attorney, later added.

Saint has served as president since July, after the June resignation from the board by Mike Krysl, who had been board president since 2012. In his resignation, Krysl cited job fatigue and a desire to spend more time with his family.

“I’ll try not to be pedantic, but I tend to be a stickler for the rules,” Saint said in July. “Law school will do that to a person.”

When Krysl resigned, the board in July also appointed Miyuki Nelson to fill the board back out to seven members.

The selection of a vice president took more time, as two people were nominated. The prior vice president, Mike McTaggart, said he didn’t want to continue in the position, as “I think it is important to transition in our leadership.”

Those nominated for vice president were Ron Colling, who is starting his second year on the board after being elected in 2017, and Perla Alarcon-Flory, a five-year member. Alarcon-Flory gave more extensive comments on why she wanted the vice president post, saying she had attended a lot of local and state level board-related meetings.

“I am ready and prepared,” Alarcon-Flory said.

Colling said he well understands education after a 40-year career as a teacher.

Saint explained the rules hold that the first person nominated goes up for a vote first, and if a majority prefers that person, votes on other nominations aren’t held. The vote turned out 4-3 in support for Colling, with Nelson, Alarcon-Flory and David Gleiser voting against the motion. Those voting for Colling were Colling, McTaggart, Saint and Jackie Warnstadt.

“I hope to do a good job, but point out when I do not,” Colling said.

McTaggart said two good leaders were elected Monday.