October 26, 2018 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD October Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all nominees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Erika Cook, Attendance Specialist @ Irving Elementary

“Erika takes pride in everything she does at Irving Elementary. As the attendance specialist, she comes in contact with many students and parents. She is always kind, helpful, and ready to support whoever is in need of her assistance. Erika is also a leader in our school and a strong member of our PBIS team. She has been an incredible asset and we are blessed to have her!”

Jamie Main, Library Assistant @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Jamie supports our library by scheduling classes for story time and checking out books. She helps match our youngest Prairie Dogs with books that interest them, supports them in digital learning opportunities, and shares her love of literacy.  Jamie has a positive attitude each day and is always willing to help out whenever needed. She is a valued member of the team!”

Jeff Reed, Building Service Tech. @ Bryant Elementary

“Jeff works hard to keep the appearance of Bryant Elementary in tiptop shape and to ensure our building is clean and safe for students and staff. He goes above and beyond general expectations to make a positive difference. Jeff is a definite asset to Bryant and highly regarded by students, staff, and parents alike. We are lucky to have him!”

Kati Steffen, Science Teacher @ East Middle

“Kati goes above and beyond the call of duty not only for students, but staff members as well. She is extremely organized and puts in extra time to make sure everyone has what they need. Kati has been instrumental in implementing Canvas and she is always willing to try new things with Consulting Teachers. Kati is all around amazing and makes East Middle a better place!”

Kathy Heaton, 1st Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

“Kelly was nominated for this honor because she is a great educator and teammate. She is caring, compassionate, innovative, and dedicated to her work at Leeds Elementary. Kelly always listens to her colleagues and gives them encouragement in times of need. She is an insightful member of the 1st grade team and a pillar of wisdom for our staff and students.”

Luis Lemus, 3rd Grade Spanish Dual Language Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Sr. Lemus is a great teacher, hard worker, friendly, and always finds the positive in everything he does. He spends much of his free time preparing engaging activities for students. Sr. Lemus goes the extra mile and is always positive while exerting extra effort. We are lucky to have Sr. Lemus at Irving and cannot tell you what we would do without him!”

Mike Kramer a.k.a. Mr. Mike, Bus Driver (Bus #3) @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Mr. Mike goes out of his way for all the students he comes in contact with. Year after year, he builds positive and lasting relationships with his students and their families. Students get so excited to have Mr. Mike as their bus driver! Mr. Mike also volunteers at Spalding Park on his own time by assisting with various projects. We are so blessed to have him as part of the family!”

Nichole Zoeller, Reading Recovery/Title I Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Nichole is a true leader, innovator, and a very hard working and dedicated member of the Irving team. She is always willing to help students and other staff members, and is known to put the needs of others before her own. Nichole has also been instrumental in supporting and leading our PBIS team. Irving Elementary students and staff are lucky to have her!”

Sharlene Pranschke, Food Service Manager @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Shar has served as our food service manager since Perry Creek opened and has worked to lead and provide a wonderful breakfast and lunch program for our students. She works closely with food service staff to develop positive relationships with students, families, and staff. Shar is an important member of our team and we appreciate all she does!”

Tina Brennan, Consulting Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Tina provides support to teachers in her role as a consulting teacher at Perry Creek. She models lessons, works closely with teachers to plan for instruction, examines student data, observes implementation of strategies, and provides leadership to the school through professional development and collaboration. We are so blessed to have Tina on our team!”

Martha Mora, ESL Tutor @ Hunt Elementary

Martha goes above and beyond for Hunt Elementary students, staff, and families. She works hard with all of her student groups and always does what is best for students. Martha goes the extra mile to make herself accessible to those who need her assistance and is always willing to collaborate, discuss, and share her ideas. Congratulations, Martha!

Andy Rysta, Instructional Assistant @ Nodland Elementary

During any given day, Ms. Rysta supports all corners of our school. She can be found assisting in TK, supervising the lunchroom or recess, instructing intervention groups, and filling a variety of other roles throughout the building. Ms. Rysta does all of this and so much more with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is a prime example of a team player.

Kendra Hanson, Counselor @ Liberty Elementary

Kendra coordinates between two buildings to provide support to many students. She has been instrumental in developing Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) at Liberty. She has also aided in setting up PBIS events and coordinating SAIG groups. Kendra works hard, puts kids first, and truly “Makes it Happen” for our students.

Melinna Potter, Building Assistant @Liberty Elementary

Melinna works in our office aiding students and staff with a variety of things on a daily basis. She is instrumental in making sure things run smoothly in our school. Melinna often sees a task that needs to be done and takes initiative to “Make it Happen!” She can always be counted on to fill in “in a pinch” and be flexible as needs arise.

Michelle Hahn, Consulting Teacher @ Morningside Elementary

Michelle continuously works to support students’ academic needs through literacy blocks and during WIN time. Michelle also serves as an exceptional resource for the Morningside team. She provides educators with the support and confidence they need to try new instructional approaches that greatly benefit our students.

Candy Hill, Special Education Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Candy comes in early in the mornings and stays late in the evenings. She is passionate and committed to making sure her students’ needs are fulfilled and that they are successful. Candy is always positive and has created a great atmosphere in the classroom, not only for her students, but support staff as well. She emphasizes teamwork and inspires us each day.”

Jennifer Gengler, Math Teacher @ West High

“Jennifer makes students feel welcome and safe in her classroom. She cares for and dedicates her time to each and every one of them. Jennifer always checks on her students and shows she cares with all the little things she does. Our students and staff are incredibly lucky to have Jennifer at West High. She is a true asset to the WHS community!”

Maribeth Moes, 5th Grade Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Mrs. Moes routinely goes above and beyond to serve Sunnyside students and staff. She has high expectations and holds students accountable for their responsibilities. Mrs. Moes works with students before and after school to ensure they are on a path to success. She is an active team member and we are extremely grateful for all she does.”

Heidi Vondrak, Consulting Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Heidi is a great resource for our building as the Consulting Teacher. She is so much more than a “coach” for our team. She is great at jumping in, providing suggestions, and listening to concerns. Heidi is wonderful to collaborate with on many different subjects/areas at school. She is willing to help with anything our staff and students need at the drop of a hat!”

Stevette Linden, 4th Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Although Stevette is new to her role as a teacher, she does an exceptional job supporting other educators in our building. She collaborates well with others to ensure students’ success. Stevette actively engages in a variety of activities at school, including being a member of the Building Leadership Team. We are very lucky to have her at Loess Hills!”

Heath Barkley, Building Service Technician @ Unity Elementary

“Heath has time and time again stepped up in a role that often goes unrecognized by our community. He never complains and finds ways to accommodate requests in the midst of his own work; and always with a smile on his face. This month, we can think of no one more worthy of recognition than Heath! We are lucky to have him on the Unity Elementary team!”

Catherine Moseman, Consulting Teacher @ North Middle

“Catherine does an exceptional job communicating with and serving all our staff and students. She also played an instrumental role in educating the North Middle community on the International Baccalaureate Program through professional development and parent meetings. We are incredibly blessed to have Catherine at North Middle School!”