October 1, 2018 Announcements

SCCSD Role in City-Wide Active Shooter Drill

On October 10th at 4 pm, North High School will participate in a city-wide full-scale active shooter drill. The drill is being hosted at North High School, but all emergency agencies from Sioux City will be actively engaged in the full-scale drill to emulate an actual active shooter scenario response.

This drill is happening outside the normal school day, therefore instruction time will not be interrupted. Still, at 4 pm, there are activities happening at the school, which allows for staff and student participation to still occur. The purpose of the Sioux City Community School District having an active role in this city-wide drill is to create an educational experience for all involved to apply the S.A.V.E. training skills that have been taught in the Sioux City Community Schools.

S.A.V.E. training has empowered our staff to lead students and peers in the event of a crisis by using the S.A.V.E. tactics: Shelter In Place, Awareness, Violence Stops Violence, and Evacuation. S.A.V.E. training was provided to all staff at the start of the school year and is something we continue to practice with staff and students on a consistent basis.

This drill is designed to stress our systems and test all involved to ensure that proper preparation is taken to plan for the unfortunate possibility of an active shooter in a school setting. The Sioux City Community School District will work closely with all emergency agencies in Sioux City, including the Sioux City Police Department, to reinforce our coordinated approach to counteracting potential threats.

We appreciate your support as we plan for this drill. If you have questions in advance, please contact Mandie Mayo, director of communications, at 712-224-7471.