October 22, 2018 Arts & Culture

SCCSD Students Selected for 2018 Iowa All-State Festival

The Sioux City Community School District had several students from each Sioux City high school selected to participate in the 2018 Iowa All-State Festival, which will be hosted at Hilton Coliseum, on the Iowa State campus in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, November 17, at 7:30 p.m.

Of the students that auditioned for the All-State Festival in Storm Lake on October 20, only 17% were accepted into the elite music ensemble, to become 1,083 of Iowa’s most talented high school musicians.

Two SCCSD musicians, East High senior chorus member, Alex Melville, and North High senior band member, Aidan Shorey, received the highest of high honors for an All-State attendee, as both were selected to participate in the Festival each of their four years in high school.

The Sioux City Community School District students selected to participate in this year’s Iowa All-State Festival include:

2018 All-State Band

East High School
Jessica Melville, 3rd clarinet
Amanda DeBates, 1st trumpet
Andrew Flory, 1st trombone
Nathan Whitaker, 1st alternate baritone saxophone
Tracie Melville, 2nd alternate baritone saxophone
Anna Scott, Brad Anderson, and Angela Kroska, educators

North High School
Sarah Glade, 2nd clarinet
Reed Adajar, baritone saxophone
Aidan Shorey, euphonium (4-year All-Stater)
Stephanie Warnstadt, 1st alternate trombone
Faith Hall, Austin Simon, and Amy Ortmann, educators

West High School
Olly Engelhardt, 1st alternate trumpet
Juan Oropeza, 2nd alternate trumpet
Eric Elker, Patrick Patterson, and Katie Birch, educators

2018 All-State Chorus

East High School
Nathan Kitrell, tenor
Max Braunstein, bass
Cameron Jensen, bass
Jacob Licht, bass
Alex Melville, bass (4-year All-Stater)
Ella Voloshen, 1st alternate alto
Tom Hales and Sydney Mc Coy, educators

North High School
Erianah Austin, soprano
Finn Coughlin, alto
Gerrit Nieuwendorp, tenor
Zach Crawford, tenor
Andrew Stoneking and Chris Hanson, educators

West High School
Matthew Pauling, bass I
Noah Towns and Boe Hodnefield, educators

2018 All-State Orchestra

East High School
Leai Britton, viola
Lauren Geerlings, oboe
Eleanor May-Patterson, educator

North High School
Derek Hwang, cello
Ben Gillette, 1st alternate bass
Kayla Priest, educator