November 1, 2018 Celebrations

Local schools raise over $1,500 for Gigi’s Playhouse

West High raises $1,500 for Gigi's

Sioux City Community School District students raised over $1,000 dollars for a Siouxland organization.

West High, West Middle, and Liberty Elementary students worked hard at raising money for Gigi’s Playhouse, an organization created to change the way the world views Down Syndrome.

Through events the students were able to raise $1,500 dollars for the organization.

“To see the representative from the company come and we were able to present and see the smile on her face and know that what we’re doing and the money we raised is going towards such a helpful cause and we’re giving these kids the help they need, it means so much to us,” said West High Senior Hiatt Holman.

Jason Allen, a representative with Gigi’s Playhouse told us, the money will help offset some of the organizations costs.

“All of the programming that we offer to our participants and our families is free to them. So we offer free therapeutic educational and career program to them so we are unique in that we support them from the day they are diagnosed all the way until adulthood,” said Allen.

One of the schools biggest fundraising events was their “Down Syndrome Awareness Night” where portions of the ticket sales were donated to the cause.

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by Derek Krayenhagen