November 20, 2018 Academics

North High freshman view Audrie & Daisy documentary

North High School freshman were shown the documentary Audrie & Daisy today, with help from upperclassmen who are participating in the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program.

The documentary tells the stories of Audrie & Daisy who were both sexually assaulted while they were intoxicated and found out that their assault was documented on cell phones.

Both Audrie & Daisy attempted to take their own lives after enduring harassment after their assault.

Project Aware’s Mental Health Grant Manager says this is a great way for the students to start a discussion.

“We have all of our MVP mentors who are upperclassmen students that are identified as students that can be a peer-to-peer influence in a positive way for the underclassmen as they watch the film, and have a facilitated discussion around the topic of the film,” said Shelly Lewis, Project Aware Mental Health Grant Manager

The facilitated discussions were held after the screening of the documentary and allowed the students to communicate what they took away from the film in small groups.

The Mentors say they hope not only will students learn what can happen in these situations but if students see or hear something they step up to prevent the violence or someone from taking their own life.

“It’s really important to see what can go wrong if no one steps in so we want to encourage our Freshman to get involved, and if they see a situation happening we want them to say something or do something, we don’t want them to sit there and just let it get worse to prevent some of the worst-case scenarios from happening,”said Hailey Hoogers, Senior Mentor

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By Brett Funke