November 26, 2018 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD November Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all nominees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Jeff Jepsen, Teacher @ East High

“Jeff teaches variety of different subjects here at EHS, while also organizing and directing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, RAIDERS TOGETHER, leading pep assemblies and coaching our varsity boys basketball team. Jeff does an outstanding job of challenging his students and helps build pride and unity for the entire East High School learning community.”

Shelli Jepsen, Teacher @ East Middle

“Shelli is currently one of the 8th grade team leaders and is also a EMS dance coach for 7 & 8th grade students.  Shelli a tremendously kind teacher whose example greatly influences her students and the staff who have the privilege to learn and work with her.”

Ariel Huseman, Vocal Music Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Ariel takes time to diversify her instruction so all students in her class gain confidence and experience success. She also implements research-based strategies into instruction to help students achieve and strengthen their skills. Ariel conducts music performances each school year where she highlights the curriculum and challenges each student to do their very best.”

Chelon Busch, 1st Grade Teacher @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Chelon is an active leader and always attends after school activities and events. She goes above and beyond to support students and peers with a positive attitude and encouragement. Chelon is a positive role model and an excellent example of true perseverance. She never gives up and pushes herself and her students by setting high expectations.”

Travis Schemmel, Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Travis goes out of his way to make connections with his students and others in the building. He has made it a point to know student’s names and ask how they are doing when he sees them. Travis does an excellent job recognizing all students who are modeling our Roadrunner expectations. He has a smile on his face and a hello for everyone he meets in the hallways.”

Kerri Johnson, Teacher @ West Middle

Mrs. Johnson has been recognized by her peers for her work with the WMS student council. She has worked tirelessly over the years with this group to make WMS a better place. This year alone, they raised over $400 for Gigi’s Playhouse. Under her leadership, the student council continues to raise funds to support both WMS and westside families. Thank you for all you do!

Samantha Ubben, Teacher @ Irving Elementary

Sam is extremely helpful and always willing to answer any questions people may have. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and is so positive with students and staff. Sam is vital to the success of our interventions and works hard to make things run smoothly between teachers and students. We cannot imagine what we would do without her!

George O’Gara, Instructional Assistant @ West Middle

Mr. O’Gara has been recognized by his peers for his work with students in the Compass Academy. Mr. O’Gara helps students transition through the building as well as with their daily routine. He is always positive and upbeat and helps students stay in that frame of mind as well. Congratulations Mr. O’Gara! Thanks for all you do for West Middle School students!

Jay Barto, Building Service Tech. @ West High

Jay makes West High a great place to learn and grow for every students. By ensuring the school is squeaky clean, fixing everything so nothing falls apart, and always being there to help out, Jay makes sure that WHS is the best it can be. This award not only shows recognition, but is a sign, a sign that even the smallest actions from people can change everything in positive ways.

Vonna Kingsbury, Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

Vonna is well known at Leeds Elementary for her great, innovative ideas. She is always thinking of fun and engaging activities to get students excited about learning. Vonna is selfless and supportive to teachers and students alike. She works very hard day after day and has a wealth of knowledge that she willingly shares with Leeds educators and staff.

Alicia Doyle, Paraprofessional @ Perry Creek Elementary

Ali is highly visible in the school as she supports a number of students with special needs or requiring behavior or academic supports. Ali works closely with teachers to ensure our students have a positive day and are successful in reaching their goals. She is always available to help when needed and cares about each and every one of our students.

Kathy Keane, 1st Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

Kathy is a first grade teacher with high expectations for her students. She gets to know and develops relationships with each of her students so she can meet their individual needs. Kathy’s classroom is structured, organized, and welcoming to all students. Her students work hard and are continually encouraged to grow as learners by developing good learning habits.

Karlys Gries, T-K Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

Karlys joined the team this school year as one of our TK teachers and has eagerly jumped in to serve. She is on our PBIS Tier 2 Team and is the FASTBridge data representative for Clark ECC. Karlys has contributed fresh ideas to our school, including the way we examine data, our regular PBIS newsletter, and Golden Spork Award. She is always willing to help out in any way.

Ashley Yanney, 5th Grade Teacher @ Morningside Elementary

Ashley exudes what it takes to be a wonderful teacher. Her move to a different grade level after the school year started shows that she is not only dedicated to education, but also to all students at Morningside STEM Elementary. Ashley’s hard work and positive attitude help make Morningside STEM Elementary a great place to work. We are lucky to have her!

Mary Kay Kollars, Principal @ Bryant Elementary

Mary Kay goes above and beyond for everyone at our school. She is an excited teacher who truly cares about everyone at Bryant Elementary. Mary Kay has high expectations, and because of this, our school has made tremendous growth over the past couple years. We have a wonderful culture and sense of community which stems from having a wonderful leader in our building.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1st Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

Elizabeth spends many after school hours and weekends making sure her lessons meet the needs of her students. This year, she was also a member of the first grade #FutureReady team. Elizabeth is known for her kindness and compassion. She is caring and respectful to all students and families. We are incredibly lucky to have her at Loess Hills!

Damon Clayborne, ESL Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

Damon has been instrumental in the implementation and maintenance of PBIS in the building. He connects with both the community and sponsors to support PBIS. Damon is supportive of all families and students at our school. You can tell relationships with students are important to Damon as well as that Loess Hills students value and respect him.

Brittney Schindler, Resource Teacher @ Unity Elementary

Brittney has a magic touch when it comes to addressing unique student needs. She is a leader on multiple teams within the building and is always positive and proactive while being practical and strategic in her decision-making. These are some of the many things that make Brittney a tremendous professional and asset to the Unity Elementary team.

Brandon Holmes, Behavior & Attendance Specialist @ Hunt Elementary

“Brandon goes above and beyond for our students every day. He checks attendance data weekly to make decisions and hold students and families accountable. Brandon has set up reward systems for students with unique needs. These rewards are based on the interests of the students to ensure they are earning something they want to work toward.”

Jaqueline Kennedy, Teacher @ Hunt Elementary

“Jacqueline does an excellent job of finding big and small ways to incorporate the arts into her instruction. Her literacy block is amazing! It runs on time and is well organized. Jaqueline supplements instruction and makes accommodations to ensure all of her students are successful. She always provides students with a positive & caring learning environment.”