November 21, 2018 Academics

Spalding Park unveils new hydroponic garden

Spalding Park Plants

A science lesson for students making an impact on the community is being expanded year round.

This fall, students at Spalding Park Environmental Science Elementary School planted an outdoor garden with produce.

The garden was part of a science lesson on sustainable food supplies. So far the garden has supplied 650 pounds of fresh produce for the community.

Wednesday morning the school unveiled their brand new indoor hydroponic garden which will allow the students to grow tomatoes all year around.

Kari Treinen, Executive Director of Sioux City Public Schools Foundation, says the garden is a great addition to their already thriving environmental studies curriculum.

“The kids are in charge of the day to day care of the hydroponic garden, making sure they are tracking the growth, making sure the water levels are appropriate and that they are getting the nutrients that they need,” said Treinen. “The students are really growing the garden and our Morningside partners helped with the setup, some of the parameters, and are really helping in the classroom as well.”

A grant for $2,000 from Working Here Fund grant from Farm Credit Services of America helped support the garden.

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By Brett Funke