December 22, 2018 Celebrations

Hunt Elementary staff donates gifts & food to families in need

Cami and gifts

Through the generous donations of the community, many families had the spirit of the holiday season brought right to their doors this weekend.

Around Thanksgiving time, a principal at Hunt Elementary School noticed that one student was not well-equipped for the winter weather.

“I had started purchasing a few outfits, my mom asked if she could help out and so she wanted to buy clothes for a student, just to make sure that she was warm enough for the winter,” says Cami Barker, the Principal of Hunt Elementary School.

But the choice to give this holiday season didn’t end there for the local educator.

“I put a post out and said is there anyone who would be willing to help some kids in need,” says Barker.

Pretty soon, this simple act of kindness turned into a community project, with volunteers looking to sponsor a child from Hunt Elementary.

“I had a couple people that just saw the post through friends that I didn’t even know that said I wanna help what can I do,” says Barker.

10 families in need received presents and a holiday meal from a local grocery store

“It was crazy how many people stepped up sponsored a child sponsored multiple kids many of my friends took on quite a few families,” says Barker.

“We thought we could help them have a great holiday and so that’s what we did,” says Penny Rosfjord, a volunteer.

It’s this kind of generosity from a community that reminds us that ’tis the season of giving and good tidings.

“I think any time you can help the community you make it a stronger place to live and that’s what I see here,” says Rosfjord.