December 6, 2018 Academics

Loess Hills celebrates Hour of Code

Have you ever heard of a kindergartner doing computer coding?  This week is National Coding Week and students all over the country are taking time to learn how to code.

But at Loess Hills Elementary in Sioux City, educators feel it is important for all grades to learn how to code on a weekly basis.

The kids start young, and with each year, their coding classes get more complex.  Teachers and administration say it’s good to keep up with the ever-changing technology.
“Technology is the future so anytime that we can integrate coding into their regular day schedule their school life will benefit in them forever,”  said 5th grader Colton Ehers.

Each year the school works on one huge coding project. This year the entire school will be working on a coding project film that is expected to be complete before the end of the year.

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by Tim Seaman