December 21, 2018 Academics

Loess Hills ends Computer Science Week with film festival

Loess Hills film festival

Loess Hills Elementary School students celebrated the conclusion of computer science week Friday with a film festival.

To celebrate Computer Science Week and Hour of Code, Loess Hills took on a school wide, collaborative coding project called “The Loess Hills Coding Film Festival.”

Over the past few weeks, students groups completed their challenging coding assignments in preparation for the festival and then 5th graders edited the material they received from all other classes into a film for viewers to enjoy.

“It gives them a head start for employment down the road. It really pushes creativity, it really pushes collaboration among all grade levels, because we have to work with all types of people later on,” said Principal, John Beeck.

In addition to watching the films, students received the opportunity to wear pajamas and “walk the red carpet.”

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