December 27, 2018 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD December Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all nominees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Alyssa Louison, 1st Grade Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Alyssa has such positive relationships and interactions with her students and fellow staff members. She goes the extra mile to give her best each day. Alyssa is always willing to help other educators and educate them on how they can improve to be their best. Our staff and students are lucky to have her at Unity Elementary!”

Andy Posey, 2nd Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Andy is extremely positive in everything he does. He is never seen without a smile on his face. This rubs off on his students, and they just love him! Andy works well with other staff members and is great to bounce ideas off of. His high energy keeps his students engaged during lessons and excited about learning. He is a member of the BLT and also mentors new teachers.”

Ashley Brady, English Teacher @ West High

“Ashley is very intuitive and enthusiastic with her job. She is always happy to see her students, and very quick to help out anyone in need, no matter how busy her own schedule may be. Ashley is optimistic and always spreading happiness to those she comes across. She is a wonderful representative of West High and our students and staff are very luck to have her!”

Aubie Garrett, 2nd Grade Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Aubie always has a smile on her face, which assists in creating a positive school climate and culture. Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious. Aubie is a highly dedicated teacher and has built strong relationships with a variety of students due to her involvement with PBIS. We are lucky to have her at Nodland!”

Aubrey McCaslen-Hibbs, Teacher @ East High

“Aubrey goes above and beyond to help both staff and students. Her friendly, caring, and personable personality make her a pleasure to work with. Aubrey is involved in many activities here at EHS, coordinating the After School Study Session, PBIS, Environmental Club, After Prom Committee, Headliner Parent Group, Co-Ed Dance Parents, and BLT member.”

Deborah Roe, Teacher @ North Middle

“Deb is always ready to extend a helping hand at North Middle wherever and whenever she is needed. Teachers, students, families, mentors and mentees alike can always count on her. She truly represents North Middle with respect, responsibility, and integrity.”

Dee Sturgeon, Instructional Assistant @ West Middle

“Dee is being recognized by her peers for the countless hours she puts in with the Special Olympics program. This years group is one of the biggest ever. She does a great job organizing the events for the involved students and families. Dee is always one of the first people in the building on a daily basis. She is very welcoming to all that enter WMS.”

Fred Griffin, Teacher @ West Middle

“Fred runs our STEM program and sees students from all grade levels throughout the day. Fred is being recognized for his helpful attitude. He is always volunteering his time in the commons before schools and during lunches even when it is not his duty. Fred’s constant willingness to help out does not go unnoticed by his peers!”

Grant Hovland, Art Teacher @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Grant is an exceptional art teacher and gifted artist. He is an invaluable asset to our students, families, staff, and the art ed. community. Grant is also a strong leader within our building and District. He is an integral part of our school, taking on a leadership role in PBIS initiatives. He organizes service projects for students to give back to the community and our school.”

Heidi Hutton, Registrar @ Hunt Elementary

“Miss Heidi Hutton is a bright spot in our students, staff, and families’ days. She greets each of our visitors with a smile and is always willing to help. Heidi does her best to make everyone feel like there is nothing else she would rather be doing than helping the. Our students love to stop by the main office before, during, and after school for hugs from Miss Heidi.”

Jay Barto, Building Service Tech. @ West High

“Jay makes West High a great place to learn and grow for every student. By ensuring the school is squeaky clean, fixing everything so nothing falls apart, and always being there to help out, Jay makes sure that WHS is the best it can be. This award not only shows recognition, but a sign, a sign that even the smallest actions from people can change everything in positive ways.”

Julia Cunningham, Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Julia is able to provide a fair approach and positive connection with each of her students. She makes school a fun place to be, even when the academics get challenging. Julia goes out of her way to build on strengths, challenges, to show students she cares, and makes learning interesting. We are so grateful to Julia for all she does for Sunnyside Elementary!”

Liz Alcala, Office Assistant @ Liberty Elementary

“Liz is a kind and caring staff member who puts her whole heart into serving our students and staff each day. Recently, Liz was asked to take on a new assignment in the building, and she did so with energy and enthusiasm. She regularly gives her own time to make Liberty Elementary a better place. Thank you for Making it Happen, Liz!”

Nicole Umland, Tag Specialist @ Hunt Elementary

“Nicole goes above and beyond each day to challenge and engage our enriched students. The lessons she provides are out of this world! Nicole works closely with teachers to assist them and support them with their enriched students and makes herself accessible, even when she is not in our building. Nicole is doing truly amazing things at Hunt A+ Elementary!”

Sarah Fairbanks, Instructional Assistant @ Riverside Elementary

“Sarah works hard to build relationships. She can often be found checking in with students in the hallways, lunches, and at recess. She wants students to know that they have people in the building they can go to when needed. Sarah is always willing to reach out and help find answers for the classroom teacher. We are glad to have her as a Roadrunner!”

Stephanie Felts, 4th Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Stephanie brings energy and excitement to the classroom taking student engagement to new heights. She regularly uses innovative technology and themed room transformations to make learning rigorous and fun for her students. Stephanie consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her students are learning at high levels. Thanks for Making it Happen!”

Sue Newton, Title I Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Sue is cheerful and kind to everyone. She is always willing to help teachers when they need strategies or resources. Sue helps with FAST testing and other testing procedures while working to support all grade levels. She attends various PLC’s to collaborate with teachers, is a former BLT member, and is also the building coordinator for Fastbridge.”

Theresa VanEldik, School Nurse @ Irving Elementary

“Theresa is a valued asset to Irving Elementary School. She is constantly going above and beyond in her work with our students and staff. Theresa always has a friendly smile on her face and is willing to extend a helping hand to anyone in need of her care or assistance. We can always count on Theresa to make sure our students are well taken care of.”