February 22, 2019 Arts & Culture

East High student awarded for Youth Art Month

Several students across Siouxland won awards Sunday afternoon for their artwork.

In honor of Youth Art Month, The Sioux City Art Center featured it’s 30th Annual Juried Youth Art Month Exhibition for high school students.

Twenty-four high school art teachers from nineteen schools in the tri-state area submitted over 5-hundred entries and only 97 were selected to be featured.

Students submitted various pieces of artwork from portraits to sculptures.

“The quality of the work is always very high and it really reflects the quality of our teachers in the community. The city’s emphasis of the arts is an important part of what they do and it’s really wonderful to be able to share this with the community,” said Sioux City Art Center Director, Al Harris-Fernande.

The first place winner from 9th grade is Dawson Cobb from East High and he says drawing is a big hobby of his especially portraits.

“Yeah I was like shocked I did not expect that. I don’t know there’s a lot of people here and everyone’s just so talented. We had to search online and I thought it was just really good for lighting and I found it really interesting,” said Dawson Cobb.

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By Abbey Taylor