February 8, 2019 Academics

Morningside Elementary students learn leadership, responsibility with school store

Students at Morningside Elementary School are learning leadership skills, all while making a difference in their community and their classrooms.

Friday morning before school even started, student council leaders were working in the “School Store.”

The store teaches students about the cost of items, profits, working under pressure, leadership and responsibility.

The Student Council President says being a part of this is rewarding to her.

“There is some people who don’t have the money, so I have learned to work with other and work with the people I sit with,” said Student Council President Mayson Rysta.

The Student Council’s Advisor says the money from the store goes directly to supplies for the students.

“We’ve bought a lot of I pads and a iPad cart, we buy a lot of recess equipment. It’s good to contribute to the school different things we need,” said Sandy Burke.

The “school store” is open every Friday morning before classes start.

The students learn customer service and math skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

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