February 28, 2019 Celebrations

Local students go green for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration

Students at Sioux City’s Spalding Park Elementary got a little green for a good cause.

Celebrating the 115th birthday of the legendary Dr. Seuss, students are taking time this week to read some of his most famous children’s books and also, take a bite out of “Green Eggs and Ham.”

“Every teacher picks a book and does an activity associated with it. We talk about the history of Dr. Seuss and how his name came to be, It’s a lot of rhyming, it’s great for kids that repetition. Plus, kids enjoy getting to eat green eggs and ham, so that’s the activity I’ve done every year,” said 4th grade teacher, Krista Benson.

Students district wide are participating in various Dr. Seuss-themed activities all week long.