February 28, 2019 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD February Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Amy Senhen, 5th Grade Teacher @ Hunt Elementary

“Throughout the year, Amy has built strong, positive, and respectful relationships with each of her students. She has candid conversations about expectations in middle school and utilizes her first-hand experience as a former middle school teacher to prepare her students. We are in awe by Amy’s passion and the little things she does for students each day!”

Becky Atkinson, School Registrar @ Irving Elementary

“Becky does a lot for administrators, staff, students, and the Irving community as a whole. She makes walking into the office more pleasurable with her helpful attitude. Becky always knows what to do, or takes the time to find out for whoever is requesting assistance. Even when she is busy, she is still willing to help people find what they need.”

Beverly Lohr, Teacher @ North Middle

“As a member of the Balanced Leadership Team, Bev has committed herself to establishing and maintaining high expectations for student learning and achievement. Her work guarantees challenging, engaging, and intentional instruction aligned to the building’s Trilateral Building Plan. We are lucky to have Bev at North Middle!”

Cindy Bigbee, 5th Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Cindy leads coding in the 5th grade classrooms and is a great resource for other teachers. Her use of technology is engaging for students and makes learning fun for all. Cindy understands the social emotional needs of 5th graders and does an excellent job of supporting them. We are very lucky to have her at Loess Hills Elementary!”

Erin Barth, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Morningside Elementary

“Erin goes above and beyond to ome up with new, exciting projects for her students. Not only does she create them, but she shares them with her team and teaches them how to use new programs to enhance learning. Erin models professionalism within her classroom, her team, and the building. She is such a positive influence to be around!”

Jamie Lang, Teacher @ East Middle

“Jamie uses a variety of instructional practices to engage students in learning including discussions, vocabulary instruction, cooperative learning and academic games. Jamie’s passion for teaching is evident in his actions daily. Jamie is an educator any school would be lucky to have on their team. He embodies what EMS stands for and demonstrates it every day!”

Jeff Gacke, 2nd Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Jeff has been on the Coding Leadership team since Loess Hills was established. He is a great resource and is always willing to collaborate with other teachers and welcomes visitors into his room to see students coding. Jeff has great rapport with parents and staff. As a mentor for Check In Check Out students, he also makes great connections with kids.”

Jennifer Dubois, Counselor @ Bryant Elementary

“Jen goes above and beyond to make connections not only with students, but also with teachers. She is a member of the Bryant PBIS team that meets weekly to analyze student data and determine supports that can be provided. Teachers are appreciative of Jen’s wise advice and the small group sessions that she provides for students who are in need.”

Kathy Thode, Consulting Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Kathy’s work as a consulting teacher is critical to the success of our students and the strengthening of instruction in each classroom. She maintains a positive attitude, shared sense of urgency, and relentless focus on improvements to make a positive difference. Kathy specifically provides instruction in literacy skills during whole and small group instruction.”

Katie Gordon, Teacher @ West High

“Katie always has a bright smile on her face and is always engaged as a teacher in the classroom. She is very understanding, funny, and makes learning fun for students and staff members she collaborates with. There are not enough words to express how deeply Katie has impacted the lives of so many in the West High community.”

Kerry Hildring, Integrated Preschool Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Kerry has worked collaboratively with classroom assistants, AEA service providers, and families to provide supports for her students so they can be successful in their preschool experience. Additionally, Kerry welcomes Early Childhood Education Career Academy students into her classroom each day to provide them with hands-on education and work experience.”

Leesa Parker, Instructional Assistant @ Riverside Elementary

“Leesa is always ready to help out in the building in any way that she can. She wears many hats during the day, which keeps her very busy. But she is never too busy to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond to make sure she is caring and friendly to everyone. We are blessed to have Leesa and her wonderful personality on the Riverside Elementary team!”

Mari Ellsworth, Art Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Mari serves as our art teacher and leads efforts to develop a passion for the Arts within students. Day after day, she is still challenging herself to grow as an educator, trying new things, bringing in guest speakers, and creating new beneficial learning experiences. We are blessed to have Mari at Unity and are grateful for the positive difference she makes!”

Mark Vogel, Teacher @ East Middle

“Mark goes out of his way to connect with every student he encounters at East Middle. He has an amazing ability to calm an entire class because his eloquent way with words makes students feel safe and welcome. Mark’s diverse background leads him to be supportive of a variety of student needs, making him a great support to all students.”

Nicole Nelson, Art Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

“Nikole is an outstanding teacher who goes above and beyond to assist and support her students. She is an innovator and a great role model for all educators and staff at Irving. Nikole loves what she does, and it is evident in her passion and her attitude every single day. We are grateful to have Nikole on the Irving Elementary team!”

Nikole Mueier, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Nicole is an outstanding art teacher and talented artist. She has a passion for recycling, and is consistently encouraging students and staff to make conscious efforts to recycle as much as possible in our school. Nicole always makes other people laugh and is simply a joy to be around.”

Sarah Phelan, Teacher @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Sarah is highly respected by her colleagues for maintaining high expectations for herself and others. She is an advocate for all and only wants the very best for her students. Sarah also plays a key role in promoting and maintaining a positive culture at Spalding Park. She volunteers and organizes events to encourage a sense of belonging and community.”

Shantel Johnson, Paraeducator @ Hunt Elementary

“Shantel has been a wonderful addition to Hunt A+ She is willing to do anything for our students and is willing to jump in and help out when she is needed. Shantel has taken on the task of a new intervention group. She jumped right in, learned exactly what she needed to, and was not afraid to ask questions!”

Sonya Collett, Paraprofessional @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Sonya supports the 1st-5th grade students at Perry Creek in her implementation of SAID groups and intervention groups to provide additional supports to our students through PBIS and MTSS models. Students are benefiting from Sonya’s groups and are showing improvement in their successes at school both in their behavior and academics.”