February 21, 2019 Academics

Sioux City Career Academy unveils zSpace 3-D computer lab

SCCSD educators train on new zSpace

A 3-D computer may seem like an idea out of a sci-fi film, but for students at the Sioux City Career Academy, its a reality.

Teachers had the chance to explore the academy’s newest technological advancement, a Z-Space 3-D computer lab.

Using the Z-Space technology, students will get the chance to explore 3-D objects in real time and space. Teachers took the time to learn the system so they can teach students and better prepare their future careers.

“When this technology came to our attention, we knew it was something that we had to have at the career academy. It’s just that next level so that students can really have the hands-on experience inside the human heart. How often does that happen?” Principal Katie Towler of the Sioux City Career Academy said.

With this new futuristic technology, students will be able to dissect a human heart, practice welding and wire a building from the computer lab.

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