March 29, 2019

Early Childhood Education Pathway Students get hands-on experience at Clark Early Childhood Center

While most of the Sioux City Career Academy Pathways are taught in the downtown academy, one makes its home at the Clark Early Childhood Center.

The Early Childhood Education Pathway focuses on teaching high school students practice and research-based teaching strategies.

One of the many advantages these students have at Clark is the chance to get hands-on experience working directly with students.

One of the students pursuing this pathway says she’s always wanted to be a teacher and enjoys applying what she has learned all while earning free college credit.

“We get to take what we learned into the classroom, and then bring it into the classroom with us, so it’s like really nice because it’s an opportunity to take our learning and then experience it,” said Madison Felix, an Early Childhood Education Pathway student.

Felix originally wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher but has decided to pursue teaching 1st or 2nd grade.

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