March 30, 2019 Achievements

Loess Hills selected as only IA school for White House Easter Egg Roll

Is the Easter Bunny being replaced by the Easter Lynx?

Probably not, but that isn’t stopping second-grader Jazzy Mosley from drawing the ferocious feline on a sheet of paper.

Indeed, Jazzy and all of her Loess Hills Elementary School classmates are offering suggestions on ways in which to decorate an egg that will represent the state of Iowa during the White House Easter Egg Roll, taking place April 22.

Dating back to 1878 and the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes, an Easter Egg Roll has taken place Easter Monday at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Each year, the U.S. Department of Education asks each state’s Department of Education to select a school to decorate an egg with designs that symbolize the state.

This year, the Iowa Department of Education chose Loess Hills to represent the state.

“The 2019 Easter Egg Roll has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus,” Principal John Beeck explained. “Loess Hills was chosen because we base our school curriculum around the computer sciences.”

Loess Hills kindergarten through fifth-graders have until mid-April to create design elements that will showcase Iowa, STEM and Loess Hills Elementary School.