March 11, 2019 Academics

Members from ACTE selects Sioux City Career Academy for kick-off tour

The Sioux City Career Academy will kick-off tour Career and Technical Education Month.

Members of The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) visited the Academy on Monday and learned about various career pathways. The tour focused on Health Science, Engineering, and Fashion Design.

ACTE is a not-for-profit group that focuses on advancement in education that prepares students for successful careers.

The group is touring the career academy to see what Sioux City is doing to close the skills gap in the workforce.

“The skills gap, making sure we have skilled workers to fill the careers in need is not just an Iowa problem, it’s a national problem in communities all across the country, ” said Jarrod Nagurka, Advocacy & Public Affairs Manager, Association for Career and Technical Education, “and CTE or Career and Technical Education are a really important component to filling that skills gap, fueling the talent pipeline for the next generation of workers.”

Sioux City Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman presented ACTE highlights of what the academy is doing to expand its programs to more school districts.

“So nationally it’s really important because in the state that they know what is happening in Sioux City. It’s nice to have some national recognition for what is happening in Sioux City, we know we are leading the way so we’re excited that the word is spreading outside of the Sioux City area,” said Katie Towler, Principal at Sioux City Career Academy.

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By Brett Funke