March 7, 2019 Society & Politics

North Middle takes part in National ‘Spread the Word to End the Word’

“Respect” is the theme this week at schools across the county, including North Middle School, where today is National “Spread the Word to End the Word Day.”

Spread the Word to End the Word is a week-long campaign where students pledge to use the word respect instead of another derogatory R-word.

Students at North Middle School gathered Thursday to sign a poster to pledge their commitment to help spread respect.

Assistant Principal Emily Lloyd says this week is all about teaching how language affects attitudes and attitudes affect actions.

“We feel that it is important to create that culture of kindness in our building and really stop and think about how our words can influence other people and how our actions can influence other people and we have the power to choose our words and our actions for good,” said Lloyd.

T-shirts and stickers were given out to all 1,200 students for signing the pledge thanks to a $500 grant from Special Olympics Iowa.

Students were also able to win backpacks, pencils, and other items.

Special Education Instructor Ashley Fengler says this week is also about finding ways to help students with special needs be incorporated with their peers in school.

“We are also trying to promote inclusion of kids with special needs into classrooms which Sioux City Schools does a great job with the co-teaching method and including those kids and just making it more socially acceptable,” said Fengler.

You can also take the pledge by visiting R-Word’s website.

To date, nearly 800,000 people have taken the pledge to spread the word to end the word.

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By Brett Funke