March 29, 2019 Academics

Perry Creek Elementary students become a ‘wax museum’ of famous figures

SIOUX CITY — Elvis has not left the building.

In fact, “The King of Rock and Roll” was spotted inside Perry Creek Elementary School Friday morning, where fifth-graders had the opportunity to impersonate their favorite historical figures.

“I chose Elvis Presley because he seemed like a cool dude,” Beau Smallcomb said, wearing a vintage 1970s white jumpsuit as well as a pair of groovy-looking shades. “Plus I liked the way he sang ‘Heartbreak Hotel.'”

Decked out in a NASA flight suit, Ava Lloyd said she didn’t mind learning about astronaut Sally Ride, but the fifth-grader doesn’t want to go into space.

“No, I’ll never become an astronaut,” Ava explained. “Instead, I want to grow up to be either a physician or volleyball player.”

That’s OK by Perry Creek Principal Amy Denney, who simply wants her students to get a greater appreciation of the people they read about.

“The kids research historical figures, write a report on the subject, prepare a speech while developing talking points when becoming wax figures for the morning,” she explained. “Instead of just reading about people in a textbook, kids are learning about them in multiple ways.”

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By Earl Horlyk