March 29, 2019

Perry Creek Elementary students put business skills to the test

Some Sioux City elementary students are learning more about making money in a creative way. Second graders at Perry Creek Elementary have been working to create and market their own businesses in their social study classes.

Thursday is Market Day, and the students were finally able to display their businesses and products to other students. The money they used to purchase items was earned by completing different tasks at school.

“I’m so impressed with how they all worked together to build their business and today is the final product when they get to see how successful their business is,” said Kim Rasmussen, 2nd grade teacher at Perry Elementary.

Some students’ businesses sold food, drinks, slime, and rocks, but the kids say regardless of the products, the lesson itself was the real reward.

“I’m really proud because everyone had to pitch in, and everyone is working really hard,” said 2nd grader Brody Mcclain.

“It’s super fun just selling and being in business. It does not even feel like we’re learning,” says 2nd grader Sophia Nelson.

The business that made the most money received an award at the end of the event.

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