#SCCSD March Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Yuli Pum-Briones, ESL Tutor @ Irving Elementary

“Despite her challenging role at Irving Elementary, you can always count on Yuli to do well and even take on additional duties when asked. She is kind, hardworking, sweet, and such a joy to work with. Yuli has also taken on the role of crossing guard duty. Every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, she is out there keeping our students safe.”

Nate Irwin, Special Education Teacher @ East High School

“Nate is a fantastic special education teacher, along with being the East High School Speech coach. Nate is extremely helpful to his students in and out of the classroom. He brings a lot of energy and is dedicated to helping all students become successful. We are very blessed to have Nate at EHS and are grateful for all of his contributions.”

Kris McCarthy, Resource Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Kris is dedicated to our students and works countless hours to ensure her students are receiving the instruction they deserve. She seeks out new learning opportunities to help support her students, has a positive attitude, and welcomes challenges. Kris is an active leader in Riverside’s Kindness Club. We are very grateful to have her!”

Kim Keilman, 4th Grade Teacher @ Morningside Elementary

“Kim is dedicated to her students. She works hard to create meaningful and engaging activities and lessons that promote a love of learning. Kim also actively creates fun activities for the staff. She plans our annual soup contest and March Madness Fitness Challenge. Kim is a role model to others by exhibiting her professionalism and creativity.”

Juana Acevez, ESL Paraeducator @ East Middle School

“Juana is absolutely outstanding with students that need extra help. She works with students in several classrooms and grades at EMS. Juana goes above and beyond to make connections with students while ensuring their success. Our students genuinely adore and appreciate her. Juana is a wonderful team member and we are so grateful to have her at East Middle!”

Jodi Juhnke, Teacher @ Hunt Elementary

“Jodi advocates for all students and truly wants what is best for each of them. She is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to answer questions and share her expertise in ESL. Jodi has worked hard to motivate students during ELPA testing and throughout the year. Her passion for students and their academic achievement is extraordinary!”

Jill Kohn, Instructional Assistant @ Hunt Elementary

“Mrs. Kohn provides all Hunt Elementary School students with a warm, caring, and safe environment. She makes the library a place students truly enjoy and Love to go. Jill is the bright spot in our staff and students’ days and her positivity is infectious. Hunt Elementary would not be the same without her inspiring, can-do attitude.”

Stacey Vondrak, Kindergarten Teacher @ Clark Early Childhood Center

“Stacey loves teaching kindergarten and it shows in all she does, as she has a positive attitude while meeting the diverse needs of her students. Stacey also serves on our building leadership team. She meets regularly to plan the activities that will help our school reach our goals, and has opened up her classroom to welcome visitors who want to observe her instruction.”

Fran Wetzbarger, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Fran has been a strong leader in her implementation of small group, skills-based instruction and has opened up her classroom to many other teachers in Iowa who are beginning to implement this model in their classrooms. Fran’s students have an additional opportunity to engage in meaningful ways through tech as she is one of our #FutureReady teachers.”

Deb Edwards, Paraprofessional @ Perry Creek Elementary

“Deb has been instrumental in supporting students in general education classrooms, special education classrooms, at recess, at lunch, on field trips, and in transitions. Deb maintains a calm and positive attitude in all situations and provides reassurance and support to many. Perry Creek is lucky to have Deb on our Prairie Dog team and we appreciate all she does.”

Roxanne Lohr, Office Assistant @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Roxanne is dedicated, hardworking, insightful, and supportive to all students, parents, and staff on a daily basis. She is honest, straightforward, and an advocate for all students. She greets parents, students, and community members each morning with a smile on her face. Roxanne is truly wonderful and will be missed by all at Loess Hills when she retires this year.”

Amanda Brooks, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Elementary

“Amanda is proactive in meeting her students’ needs. she is on the BLT, Coding Leadership team, and started the First Lego League at Loess Hills. Her positive attitude helps her students feel safe, secure, and wanted each day. Amanda is great at collaborating, problem-solving, and planning with coworkers. She is always willing to help out and be a listening ear. “

Robert Bratvold, Student Support and Attendance Specialist @ Unity Elementary

“Robert is there for our staff in their greatest times of need, while also providing attendance and behavioral incentives for deserving students. His work with the students at Unity makes a difference in so many lives! Robert is a wonderful team member and we are so grateful to have him at Unity.”

Julie Krommenhoek, Teacher @ Leeds Elementary

“Mrs. Krommenhoek is a great teacher. She has positive, lasting relationships with students. Despite being a seasoned teacher, she is not afraid to pilot new ideas and strategies. Mrs. Krommenhoek is a leader. She often organizes activities and field trips for the third grade team. Mrs. Krommenhoek is a valuable asset to Leeds.”

Bernie Popevis, Food Service @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Bernie is a hard worker who always gives her best effort. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all the students she comes in contact with during breakfast and lunch time. She is the first to greet others with a smile. This simple connection Bernie goes out of her way to make helps staff look forward to coming to work and brightens each day for our students.”

Blaine Fickbohm, Science Teacher @ North High

“Blaine is the most supportive teacher. He is always there to help with anything, and willing to talk. On top of that, his classes are well planned with labs and activities to reinforce learning. Blaine forms good relationships with and is supportive of all of his students. He does his best to make class fun, challenging, and entertaining. He is just an overall fantastic teacher.”

Cara Geerlings, Music Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Cara works tirelessly to orchestrate our wonderful music program at Nodland/Sunnyside. She designs lessons that are highly engaging, extremely structured, and push students to continue to strengthen their musical abilities. Cara is also a member of the building PBIS team, and does a fantastic job assisting in promoting and maintaining a positive school culture.”

Carolyn Pederson, Title I Teacher @ Bryant Elementary

“Carolyn works closely with classroom teachers to analyze data, strategically group students, and plan meaningful reading interventions. The students in her classes have significantly improved their reading skills. She has been responsible for planning school-wide reading programs that promote reading at home and encourage parent involvement.”

Katy Blake, PE Teacher @ Sunnyside Elementary

“Katy provides students with many opportunities to expand physical fitness abilities. She is constantly introducing new and engaging learning experiences that require students to work collaboratively. Physical Education is the highlight of many of out students’ days, and Katy does an excellent job ensuring they always enjoy it.”

Todd Siefker, Teacher @ West High

“Because of his teaching style and personality, Todd makes it easy to show up and enjoy his class on a daily basis. His lessons are always  interesting, insightful, and engaging for students. Todd makes his students and the staff he works with better, more loving individuals who go on to make a difference in their communities and throughout the world.”