March 29, 2019

SCCSD students to participate in USD Invent-to-Innovate Competition

Sioux City Community Schools students from East, North, and West high schools have been selected to participate in the University of South Dakota Invent-to-Innovate Entrepreneurial Competition on Friday, March 29. All selected finalists are members of the Sioux City Career Academy Entrepreneurship pathway.

At the Invent-to-Innovate competition, students will pitch innovative business ideas to a panel of judges. Participating teams have the chance to win up to $1,000 to fund their business ideas in the hopes of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in their approach to launching companies.

See the names below for a complete list of Sioux City Community School District finalists and corresponding business ideas.


  • EZ Track: A locating device in the form of a chip that is constructed into a wallet and into a key chain attachment.
    • Yovani Topete (North)
    • Jose Sebastian (North)
  • Grass Gear: An app that connects young people to people needing yard work done. Similar to Uber, but for lawn care.
    • Madison Johnson (Dual-enrolled – Heelan/East)
    • Cole McClure (North)
    • Austin Craighead (North)
    • Austin Wilshire (North)
    • Turner Henry (East)·
  • Pyrrhic Ratings (originally called Straight Rate): A politically unbiased rating system that rates news articles, news organizations, and also journalists on political news.
    • Colby East (East)
    • Liam Streit  (East)
    • Jonah Snieder (East)
  • Snow Raptor: A remote control snow blower & salt dispenser that can be operated while the consumer is inside.
    • Thomas Anderson (West)
    • Carlos Ozuna (North)