April 17, 2019 Academics

Loess Hills Elementary 5th graders learn about their future during Career Day

On Tuesday, April 17, Loess Hills Elementary School in Sioux City teamed up with local businesses to give 5th-graders a career day.

Businesses set up tables around the gym, where the students were able to walk around and get a glimpse at future career opportunities.

The students were able to ask questions and learn more about different jobs.

John Beeck, Loess Hills Principal, says getting kids introduced to possible careers at an early age is a good way to keep motivation up.

“One student actually, I showed him how to do some animation. He actually animated. We created a ball. We animated it. He was asking me all kinds of questions. He actually put a little star by Iowa Tech University. And I said, ‘Am I going to see you in the future?’ and he said ‘Oh yeah,’” said Dr. Frank Heffner, Program Director for the Video Game Development Program at Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Many of the students said they learned a lot. Some even said they had figured out what career they now are going to pursue.

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