April 17, 2019 Celebrations

SCCSD 2nd graders received a bicycle helmet from Opportunities Unlimited

Thirteen hundred second graders from the Sioux City Community School District received a bicycle helmet on Tuesday.

For the past thirteen years, Opportunities Unlimited has put on the “Gotta Brain Getta Helmet” program, where the students learn about brain injury prevention.

In years past, only a select number of students received helmets from writing essays, but this year Opportunities Unlimited was awarded a $12,500 grant from Dairy Queen.

“We have found several of the students may have a bike, a skateboard, or participate in extracurricular actives. Typically a very small percentage of hands go up when we ask if they have a helmet. So we know we’re giving them something that many of them do not have,” said Opportunities Unlimited President and CEO, Jennifer McCabe.

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