April 17, 2019 Academics

SCPD SWAT brings a heavy piece of machinery to North High School

SWAT Student Demo at North High

What do you get when physics and police work come together? A giant vehicle and a great learning opportunity.

The Sioux City Police Response Vehicle was at Sioux City’s North High School Tuesday, April 16.

His dad is on the police force and he asked if the vehicle could stop by.

Ryan Bertrand of SCPD explained the purpose the vehicle serves.

“It’s original design was to protect service members from mine attacks, like IEDs and such. So, that’s part of the thing that was shared and passed along with the students, how the design of the vehicle helps it mitigate damage from improvised explosive devices. So just one of the many facets and cool things that they can study about this,” said Bertrand.

If you’re wondering about some of the physics of that vehicle it’s about 13 feet tall and weighs 16 tons.

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