May 6, 2019 Academics

High School Curriculum Update Per Financial Literacy Guidance Bill

In response to a new bill passed by Governor Kim Reynolds during the 2018 legislative session, the Sioux City Community School District will be making some curriculum updates that will impact many high school students. This is an overview of the changes required by the bill and the steps the District will be taking to help ensure our students are able to fulfill the new requirements.

Curriculum Update Required by the Financial Literacy Guidance Bill (SF2415)

  • Starting with the class of 2021, the bill requires each student to have a one-half unit of Financial Literacy as a condition of graduation.

Students Impacted by the Financial Literacy Guidance Bill

  • Class of 2021 – Students in the class of 2021 are most immediately impacted by the passing of this bill, because the District needs to help ensure students can build this class into their schedule as early as possible within the next two years.
  • Class of 2020 – When this bill was first brought forth in the legislative session, it was proposed for implementation starting with the class of 2020. In an effort to be proactive and help students in the class of 2020 fulfill this previously unplanned graduation requirement, the District had each student in this class enroll in a Financial Literacy course for the upcoming school year.

Next Steps

  • Now that the bill has passed and the requirement begins with the class of 2021:
    • The District will guide students in the class of 2020 to select an elective course for next school year that can be taken in place of the Financial Literacy course.
    • The District will work with students in the class of 2021 to build a Financial Literacy course into their schedule with more immediacy. A summer school option will also be available for students that need it.
  • On May 3, all students in the class of 2021 will participate in a meeting that will explain the new Financial Literacy course and provide direction on how to enroll in the required course.
  • On May 7, all students in the class of 2020 will participate in a meeting to learn about the change in the course requirement. During the meeting, students will be given information about how to drop the Financial Literacy course and select an elective course in replacement.
  • Parents/Guardians interested in learning more about elective course options can view the Course Guide.

If parents/guardians have questions about this requirement or schedule changes, please call the counseling office at your child’s school.

Thank you for being our partner in ensuring our students fulfill the necessary state requirements for graduation.