#SCCSD May Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Lisa Farmer, 3rd Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“In addition to “Making it Happen” for her students on a daily basis at Liberty, Lisa supports our staff through her efforts on our Social Committee!  Her efforts to recognize, inspire and celebrate staff during various times throughout the year show her caring and support.  She is so creative and works to ensure that each celebration has a special flair with a fun and inviting environment!  Her work on a daily basis with her students and throughout the year supporting staff is so appreciated!”

Richelle Burr, Interventionist @ Liberty Elementary

“She continuously goes above and beyond helping others and jumping in wherever needed.  She regularly covers for colleagues whether in the classroom or picking up duties. Her work with our students needing additional interventions from CARE has yielded many positive results!  Even with an already jam-packed schedule, she happily takes on whatever comes her way with a smile.  Students speak of her with admiration and respect. We appreciate all she does to “Make it Happen” here at Liberty!”

Alicia Verschoor, Instructional Assistant @ Liberty Elementary

“Alicia has been a fantastic addition to the Liberty family this year. Alicia provides support to our general education and special education students. She is caring and patient with all students, and is always volunteering to help in any way that she can. Alicia truly goes above and beyond to “Make It Happen” at Liberty Elementary!”

Jordyn Hyde, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Miss Hyde has been an amazing addition to our PBIS Tier I team this year.  She has put in a lot of extra work and attention to support our students and staff in our PBIS efforts.  She has a positive “Make it Happen” attitude that has made so much possible this year.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and appreciated.”

Karla Grigg, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Grigg has had great success this year in bringing art to the forefront of the Liberty Elementary community. Mrs. Grigg has successfully organized a number of art shows at the building level. At a recent art show, Mrs. Grigg created QR codes, which visitors could scan to bring up FlipGrid videos of the artist providing a statement about their piece. Liberty appreciates Mrs. Grigg’s efforts to “Make It Happen”!”

Tiffany Mead, Teacher @ Nodland Elementary

“Mrs. Mead works hard to meet the needs of her young learners every day. She is always willing to try new things in her classroom and incorporates many cooperative learning structures to increase student engagement. She shares her love of students, teaching, and learning every day through compassion, care, determination, and patience. She has helped to build a strong foundation for students entering Kindergarten for a number of years at Nodland. She develops strong relationships with students to help move them forward. We are extremely grateful for all that she does to mold our Future Raiders!”

Jodi McClendon, Teacher @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Jodi is dedicated to her program and adds her valuable knowledge and experience to help support and strengthen our PBIS initiative at Spalding Park. By sharing her expertise and knowledge in the area of behaviors as a special education teacher, she has been able to support students outside of her classroom by leading student social groups during morning meetings. She is truly an asset to our school.”

Ryan Dunkel, Teacher @ Spalding Park Elementary

“Mr. Dunkel works tirelessly in the planning and delivery of daily math intervention for students. He consistently differentiates learning to meet each student’s specific needs. He uses a variety of research-based instructional strategies to encourage active engagement and on-task behaviors during small group instruction. Mr. Dunkel always has a smile and an encouraging word for others. “

Whitney Olson, 5 Grade Teacher @ Riverside Elementary

“Miss Olson goes the extra mile every day by bringing in fun and engaging lessons for her students.  She not only focuses on preparing them for their academic career, but also on becoming the best person they can be.  She truly focuses on the whole child. Miss Olson can be seen all over the building checking in on other teachers and offering words of encouragement. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way that she can.  We are proud she is a Roadrunner!”

Guy Greigg, Teacher @ Irving Elementary

“Mr. Greigg has the ability to genuinely engage students in his P.E. lessons. His games, activities, and exercises are fun and creative. Mr Greigg goes above and beyond his job duties. He iscommitted to his craft and as a result Irving has outstanding field day activities and P.E. lessons. It’s clear, Mr. Greigg loves what he does!”

Tami Benson, Administrative Assistant @ East High

“Tami works hard and helps out however she can. She has a welcoming personality and is great with students who come into the office. Because Tami is especially caring, she regularly says hello to students throughout the day and always tells students to have a good weekend on Friday. Students and staff appreciate the joy Mrs. Benson brings to East High!”

Kristin Ortmann, Orchestra Teacher @ West Schools

“Mrs. Ortmann has taught orchestra in the SCCSD for fourteen years. She has dedicated her time to every student while ensuring they get a proper musical education and always treats her orchestra with patience and respect. Mrs. Ortmann is energetic and positive during class and always creates a great start to the day. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Ortmann!”

Bob McLey, Teacher @ West High

“Bob is very understanding and wonderful to be around. Students can go to Bob with anything and he will try to help as best he can. He always jokes with students to make the day brighter and he ensures everyone feels welcome at West High. Many students and staff speak highly of bob. Students have said he is one of a kind and West High is very lucky to have Bob on their staff. Thank you Mr. Mcley for all you do!”

Brian Blom, Night Custodian @ Morningside Elementary

“Brian is friendly and helpful when he comes into the library at the end of the day and he enjoys greeting students. He is willing to lend an extra hand around the building and always has a smile as he is doing his job. Brian is always positive and willing to do whatever it takes for the students and staff at Morningside Elementary.”