May 20, 2019 Achievements

Sioux City Middle Schoolers create “Sugar High” mural for Downtown Sioux City

A group of young Siouxland artists took a special field trip on May 17 as a mural containing their own pieces was unveiled.

Downtown Partners joined forces with West Middle School to help create “Sugar High”, a Downtown Mural Class Collage of cupcakes with each one being created and designed by a student.

“We tried to model the cupcakes after real cupcakes, so we had pictures of cupcakes, we had foam models of cupcakes,” said Melanie Conda. “I can actually come see it and so can everybody else. My artwork is in public where everybody can see it and appreciate it. I’m really proud of it.”

Art Teacher Holly McManigal said her students were part of the design process from start to finish, discussing what element they wanted to create and how it would all be put together.

“Each student did a 6×6 canvas board with oil pastels to look like a cupcake and then we combined them all together to make one big art piece. I think it’s a huge accomplishment to see the work that they’ve done in the public where anybody can see it,” McManigal said.

This mural is located in the Sioux City Career Academy in Downtown Sioux City.

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