May 1, 2019

Sioux City school district hails extension of ‘SAVE’ sales tax for school facilities

The top administrator for the Sioux City public school district on Friday hailed passage of long-awaited state legislation aimed at extending a revenue source the district has tapped to build more than a dozen new schools.

“We celebrate passage of the SAVE legislation in the Iowa Legislature, and look forward to the governor signing this extension of the penny sales tax for school infrastructure into law,” Sioux City superintendent Paul Gausman said in a statement.

“We have worked diligently to exhibit responsible use of this funding, and the extension, once signed into law, will allow us to continue to use this long-term alternative to property taxes for school facilities and make further investments in school safety, 21st century technology, STEM and CTE (Career and Technical Education), science labs, and fine arts facilities.”

The Iowa House on Thursday night (4/25/19) gave its approval to SAVE, short for Secure an Advanced Vision for Education, which would extend the 1 percent sales tax until 2051.

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