May 31, 2019 Celebrations

Sioux City students celebrate as summer break begins

Students at Liberty Elementary got a special surprise on the last day of school Thursday.

Teachers and staff surprised the students with a flash mob to say farewell for the summer!

Faculty members rehearsed a dance routine for the afternoon performance as hundreds of kids watched.

“We just want all of our students and families how much we care about these kids, how much we wish them the very best this summer and we can’t wait to have them back in the Fall,” said Lindsey Nelson, a teacher at Liberty Elementary.

“Every teacher’s great, they all have their capabilities, they just work together and it just builds a home family environment and I just want to stay here forever and never want to leave,” Stephanie Santos said as she completes her 5th grade year.

Other schools celebrated the last day as well, with students at Irving Elementary taking part in a Zumba class.

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