May 16, 2019 Academics

Students get real-life training with “Max Fire Box”

On May 15, 2019 students with the Sioux City School’s Career Academy got real-life training on a model scale. It’s called “Max Fire Box.

The fire science pathway students learned about fire behavior and how to use thermal imaging cameras.

Students say having hands-on training like this will put them ahead in their future career.

The training was made possible through a “Great Idea Grant” from the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation.

Officials say it’s important to offer students engaging training for their future career.

“We’ve got a great number of kids who are in the fire science program right now, next year we’re actually anticipating four times as many,” said Kari Treinen, Executive Director of the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation, “So having something for them to interact with helps the career come to life and help the students understand what they will be doing as a profession.”

With the grant, they were able to acquire the box and 27 burn sets.

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