June 12, 2019 Academics

Sioux City Career Academy students compete in cybersecurity competition

It may be summer but a handful of Siouxland students are still relying on brain power and their work could land them some national attention.

An all-girls team from the Sioux City’s career academy is competing in a national cybersecurity championship called Girls Go Cyberstart.

The challenge is a game the girls must beat in just two days in order to win. The field of cybersecurity is currently male-dominated and the competition is designed to help more girls get into the industry.

“Hard for girls to get in sometimes because men will think we’re jokes, they won’t take us seriously, that sort of stuff but the more that girls get into it the more likely that we’ll be taken seriously. We can get good jobs, we can actually do the things that we want,” said Samantha Gabriel.

Last year, more than  6,000 girls from 26 states competed in the cybersecurity challenge.

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