July 3, 2019 Announcements

CNOS donation will help educate future health professionals

CNOS Health Science Suite
CNOS Health Science Suite

A local healthcare group is chipping in to the education of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The Sioux City Career Academy’s health science space will be known as the “CNOS Health Science Suite” thanks to a $75,000 donation from the group starting Wednesday, June 26th.

Katie Towler, who is the Principal of the Sioux City Career Academy said, “So the more partners we can get to in and say hey you guys have not even thought about the million different things that happen in the health care world. It just opens the doors for kids to just try new things and maybe they’ll find something that really sticks that they didn’t even know existed.”

Career Academy students will now get to hear directly from specialists with CNOS who will give guest lectures.

Those lectures and experiences will let students see what a day in the life is for those professionals.

Nolan Ludarski, CEO of CNOS said, “Siouxland is a community that has always had a strong health presence in many different organizations, including CNOS and are really looking forward to having the exposure for students into the healthcare communities and the opportunities in the Siouxland areas, and really keep some of these talented individuals close to home.”

The suite is located in the Ho-Chunk Center and serves students from Sioux City Community District and 15 other area high schools enrolled in a career-focused sequence of high school courses.

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