August 22, 2019

Local teachers look to ease first-day jitters as classes resume

Kids can have all types of fears when going back to the classroom including first day jitters. That’s why teachers at Unity Elementary school were hoping to work out early.

On August 22, students and their parents got a grand hello at back to school night. Teachers flanked the entrance making a welcome tunnel, high fiving and cheering on their students. Unity Elementary’s principal says it’s the perfect way to get kids excited about coming back to school.

“It’s home away from home and they’re going to spend more time with us than at home for the next 180 days. So they need to feel like we love them and that’s exactly what we’re going to try and do today,” said Eric Kilburn
the principal at Unity Elementary.

Events like this happened at all Sioux City public schools ahead of the first day of classes.

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